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Boy?  Girl?  Both? 
Only my hairstylist knows for sure...

Hi there!  For those of you who haven't figured it out (and if you haven't, maybe you need to learn to read), I'm JJ Blue,  Drag King, Dancing Queen, and All-Around Good Guy...modest, too.
Ok, so you're asking, "What the hell is a Drag King?"  Simply put, a male impersonator.  Think Drag Queen but in reverse, with smaller hair and less sparkle (unless of course you are impersonating Elton John and then all bets are off).  We dress like boys, usually emulating whoever's song we are lip-synching or singing, dance, flirt, simulate the playing of instruments and the grabbing of crotches, and generally can pass as the opposite gender, often to the annoyance and sometimes disgust of gay men and straight women.
Not all drag kings are lesbians, nor do we want to be men.  We enjoy performing--some drag kings are so beautifully girly during the day that you'd never imagine they can be "one of the guys".
Hail to the King, baby.